Update of the week (week 25 – 2019)

Stranger Things updates about things like Gaten and Caleb visiting Korea

This Week’s Stranger Things Updates

Here are some new Stranger Things updates about the upcoming season.

New trailer

June 20th 7.11 pm. (In USA) we got a new Stranger Things trailer. The trailer shows a lot more stuff about what’s going to happen in the show. You can watch the trailer on Netflix (go to Stranger Things, go under trailers and watch Stranger things 3 trailer 2) and on netflix’ youtube account.

Cast update

In this week there have been going a lot on in the Stranger Things cast world. You can read all about it right here.

Gaten and Caleb on an adventure

Gaten and Caleb have both posted some very interesting pictures on their social medias. June 20th Caleb posted a really cool picture of Gaten and him wearing a traditional Hanbok (it’s some clothes they are wearing) and a black hat. They are standing beside three men. Two of them are from EXO who have made the song “Love Shot”. The caption to the picture says “It’s our first time in Korea!” He have then tagged @strangerthingstv @weareone.exo @gatenm123 and @netflixkr .
Gaten have posted two pictures June 21st. The first one is of Caleb and him wearing Hanbok’s at Gyeongbokgung Palace. In the second picture Gaten and Caleb is on a netflix stage. Gaten is standing with a microphone in his hand while his right leg is out in a kick. Caleb is sitting in the background laughing. The caption to the pictures says “Thank you Korea and all the friends we made out here while celebrating the release of season 3” Caleb then posted June 21st four pictures of him and Gaten in Korea. In the caption Caleb says “Kamsahamnida Korea!” which means “Thank you Korea!”

Millie’s Instagram

Millie is always posting on her social media so there isn’t anything new about it. She and the rest of the cast has of course posted small clips from the Stranger Things trailer. But June 20th Millie posted a picture of her and Caleb. The fans got WILD! They all love some Maleb content. (maleb is the ship name of Millie and Caleb). In the caption Millie wrote “Rock n roll”

Finn’s Instagram

Finn has started to post more on his instagram account. June 17th Finn posted a picture of him in some nice clothes. In the caption Finn wrote “Thanks to the team for the look for @mtv movie and TV awards tonight!” June 20th Finn posted a picture of David Harbour (who plays Hopper) in a chair. He’s probably at an interview for season three. In the caption Finn wrote “C’mon, man – just let it go.”
Finn has also posted some clips from the new trailer and he posted a little ‘teaser’ for the new Meet The Adams movie.

Noah Schnapps hand is crushed slowly.

Noah was at the MTV movie and TV awards with Finn Wolfhard and Gaten Matarazzo. He posted some pictures from the red carpet and a picture where he’s shaking hands with The Rock. In the caption he wrote “If you zoom in on my handshake w The Rock u can see my hand being slowly crushed.”
June 20th Noah also posted something a bit different on his Instagram My-story. He said we should swipe up to see his new youtube video. It is called ‘I answered fan questions and it got awkward’. In the video Noah answers a lot of weird questions as “Is Chloe your favorite sibling?” which is a weird question ‘cause Noah only have one sibling. (Chloe is Noah’s twin sister)

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The new Stranger Things trailer pt. 2

A shot from season 3 seen in the second Stranger Things trailer

Continued breakdown of the second Stranger Things Trailer

This is the second part of our breakdown of the Second Stranger Things Trailer for season 3. If you haven’t read part one, you can find it here

The trailer

The mayor (or whatever he is) makes a gesture towards the park. A carousel full of people is shown. We see two people hold hands (it looks like Joyce and Hopper even though we can’t see their faces). “Our kids are in danger” Joyce yells. 

Max, Eleven and Mike are hiding behind a desk in the mall. Max turns her head looking really scared. 

“We need to end this.” We can hear Joyces voice as we see Joyce reaching out for a panel. 

Eleven is fighting against something. We can only see her arms though because the camera is focusing on Will and Mike in the background. 

We get a close up of Eleven’s face, with blood running down her lips. “I can fight.” She says to Hopper. “Better than any of us.” He answers. “But I need you safe.”

Steve and Dustin are standing some weird place. Steve pulls up a secure tube with some green stuff in it. “What the hell?” Steve says as he pulls the tuber out completely. We again see a man in a hazmat suit besides a big machine. The machine is shooting out white light while it’s turning around. 

Erica and Dustin are sitting beside each other on a hill watching a lot of spaceship looking things flying over Hawkins. Eleven and Mike are sitting in front of each other in a bedroom. “I need you to trust me.” Eleven says to Mike. 

Eleven, Will, Max, Lucas and Mike are running out of the doors of what appears to be the mall. Eleven has a bloody nose and they all look angry, confused and scared. 

Nancy is lying on the floor with the big mutated demogorgon-like monster over her. 

The monster’s arms are coming out of the walls in Eleven and Hopper’s house. Eleven is trying to fight them away while Mike and Max are standing in the background looking at her. 

Inside the mall

Lucas shot something with his slingshot. Max is standing in a room crying. Billy is walking in troubled manner , while his skin is cracking. 

Inside the mall Will is holding his arm up to his neck again. Max is looking to her left, and then up with a scared look on her face. Dustin is standing with Robin and Steve but sees something and says “holy mother of god.” Mike and Eleven are also looking up. All the malls light goes out. In one second there is only darkness. Then Lucas, Nancy, Jonathan and Will are fading in. They are hiding behind a big smashed truck. They are all looking very scared. Max, Mike and Eleven are hiding under a desk. On a table in front of them is a walkie talkie lying. Dustin is speaking through it. “…copy. I repeat. This is a code red!” The monster takes the walkie talkie and smashes it. We then hear the monster roar and the trailer is over. 

This trailer is of course much better when you watch it, but I tried to explain it as best I could. 

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New Stranger Things trailer pt. 1

A frame from the new Stranger Things trailer

New Stranger Things Trailer

The new Stranger Things trailer came out June 20th 2019 at 7.11 pm (in USA). The trailer shows a lot more about what’s going to happen in the season. It also makes sure that we understand. If you haven’t seen the new Stranger Things trailer you can find it on Netflix’s youtube account, IMDB and Netflix (go into stranger things, go to trailers and watch Stranger Things 3 (trailer 2).

What is in the trailer?

The trailer starts out with showing us the Fun Fair tivoli. Then we hear a man talk while we watch small clips from the new season. The man says “You… let us in. And now… you are going to have to let us stay.” While he says the last words we see a lot of clouds pressed together, but they have a big hole in the middle showing us something that looks like a farm with Eleven standing in the middle looking up. “It doesn’t make sense.” Eleven says. “I closed the gate.”

“What if he never left?” we hear from Will, who then looks at Eleven.

The camera then jumps to Will in a cinema. Will takes his hand up to his neck with a scared look on his face. “What if we locked him out here with us? He’ll want to attach himself to someone again.” The shot cuts to Billy. “A new host” Will says at the same moment. The camera then zooms in to Billy’s eyes. His pupils expands and red veins are coming into his eyes. 

We have to stop him

We then see someone in hazmat suits. Eleven is standing on a beach with a big cloud over her head and her arms are in the air. It then clips to Eleven upper body. She looks at her hands with a scared look on her face. “It’s building something.” We then cut to a man we’ve never seen before. He bends over and touches the ground he’s standing on. “No matter what happens…” Mike says as the scene cuts to him. “We have to stop him.” 

Nancy and Jonathan are gathering weapons. Inside the mall Lucas is loading his slingshot. Jonathan, Nancy, Mike and Lucas are standing in a circle with worried looks on their faces. Jonathan is holding an axe in his hands, ready to attack the monster. 

The man then speaks again saying: “Now it’s time.” Someone is inside a big dark room as we see a big monster hand coming out from the dark. 

Eleven is standing in front of Mike, Lucas and Will as the man says “We are going to end you.” The scene jumps to Hopper, Joyce and Murray. “We are going to end your friends,” fireworks are shooting “then..” Holly is then shown holding on to a pipe probably in a carrousel. “…we are going to end…” Darkness. We see the forest from above and something is moving the trees. “…everyone.” 

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Season 3 Trailer

A Scene from the Stranger Things Season 3 Trailer

On the 20th of March the Season 3 trailer came out and it is everything we could have dreamed of. You can watch it right here:

The trailer starts out with showing Dustin turning his Boombox on. He turns to his turtle, Yurtle and says “At least somebody’s happy I’m home.” Suddenly all his toys start moving. Dustin takes a bottle of Farrah Fawcett spray and follow his toys. The trailer then cuts over to Max, Lucas, Will, Mike and El standing with their backs up a wall not saying anything. Eleven is standing with closed eyes and a nosebleed. Mike looks at her and says “Now.” Eleven opens her eyes and the toys stop moving. Dustin takes one of the toys up and looks at it while the kids is going on their tiptoes inside the living room without Dustin noticing. They raise a big banner saying: ‘Welcome home Dustin’ and blow in some party horns. Dustin is startled and sprays Lucas in the eyes with the Farrah Fawcett spray.

What else we see in the Season 3 trailer

That is basically how the trailer starts. It then cuts to the kids putting up some kind of homemade antenna. The trailer is somehow really confusing and simple at the same time. You can’t really explain it but you can understand it real easy. Later in the trailer we see Dustin and Steve making some kind of handshake or something with Robin in the background just looking at them. We also see that El and Max is friends, we got some Mileven content and some Lumax content too. In the trailer Mike says “We’re not kids anymore. I mean, what did you think? We were just gonna sit in my basement all day, play games the rest of our lives?” While Mike says that we see Will all wet and crying while looking at pictures of him, Mike, Dustin and Lucas.

Here are some theories

In the season 3 trailer we see Billy showering while looking at his arm on which there is some sort of scar. It looks like some kind of weird spider web. We see in the trailer that Billy is a lifeguard by the pool. So maybe it’s some sort of disease you get from the water. We also see Steve with a syringe in his neck while he’s screaming. I’ve heard some theories that this is a disease that makes people to some kind of demogorgon thing. In the end of the trailer we see a weird monster that looks like a mutated demogorgon. The theory says that maybe the disease spread by the water. That can be.

In the trailer we also see some rats. I think that maybe it’s the rats who’s spreading the disease.

Another theory is this:

There are rats on the poster, and the second episode of the season is called “Mall Rats.” Coincidence? I think there’s a strong chance of a brewing vermin problem in Hawkins, only it’s not your average vermin. If Dustin and Hopper (the got sprayed in their mouths by the tentacle in the Upside Down) are indeed infected with some kind of strange malady, maybe the rodents are responsible for spreading it to the other citizens of Hawkins. What if this epidemic causes mutations? Could the rats actually turn into Demodogs if they get sick enough?! Nothing’s impossible when it comes to the  Upside Down.

Here is a theory I just came up with. We see in the trailer that El is near the sea. Why is that? My theory is that she’s on vacation near California. I know that she’s in Hawkins too cause well we see that in the trailer, but what else would she do near the sea?

And like I said in the first theory the disease might be transmitted through the water. The reason I and other people think this is because in most of the trailer there is water. We see Billy near the water while he’s lifeguard but also when he’s showering (obviously). Eleven is also near water a lot.

These were the theories I had. If you have any say them in the comments!

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Stranger Things News – March 11/2019

The Picture posted by Millie Bobby Brown, mentioned in this edition of Stranger Things News

Stranger Things News:

Right now, nothing really happens in the fandom, when it comes to Stranger Things News. We are all waiting for the trailer for season 3, and Shawn Levy tweeted in January that we would have the trailer soon, but it’s currently March 11, and we don’t have any trailer, and the fandom is going insane. I don’t think you can see a Netflix post on Instagram without a fan page commenting about the season 3 trailer. Netflix keeps saying that it takes time to make so it’s probably not coming too soon. Now they are making jokes about it too on their page, and I find it quite funny.

Social media:

The only one that is active right now from the cast, is mainly Millie. Caleb is also on instagram, but it’s mainly about his merchandise. I mean, it’s better than nothing. Millie is really nice though, and yesterday (March 10’th). She posted a picture of the kids (Finn, Sadie, Gaten, Caleb, Millie and Noah) and after that a video of her and Noah, and then one of her and Sadie, and ending it with a picture of her, asking us if that was enough content? And I find that really sweet that she cares about her fans so much, and always tries to make us happy.

She was also livestreaming recently, where she talked about a lot of things, and answered some questions. That was great too.

What some of the cast members is up to right now.

Not too long ago, Finn and Sadie did a photoshoot together, and it’s safe to say that many people is looking forward to those photos, which might be shared really soon.

Earlier this week, Gaten had a surgery. For what, we don’t know, but it might have been because of his disorder (Cleidocranial Dysplasia).

His girlfriend later shared a video of him after he woke up, and he seemed to be doing fine.

As mentioned, Millie has updated us a bit, but I don’t really know what she is up to in the moment. She does have some projects going on right now. “Godzilla – king of the monster”, is coming out this summer. “Godzilla vs Kong” is still in production, and she is going to star in “Enola Holmes”.

That is all for now, but we will of course keep you updated on any future news.

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Season 3 Release Date and Episode Names

The Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date Poster

In the last month we have gotten a lot of great new Stranger Things Season 3 related news. This news includes the Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date, a new teaser video, a poster, and the names of all the episodes. So here comes all the new info we have about the much anticipated third season of our favorite show.

Episode names

December 10th, Netflix and the official profile for Stranger Things -@Strangerthingstv on instagram and twitter, posted a video revealing the names of the each episode of Stranger Things season 3. The fans went wild, and they therefore created a lot of edits within an hour. Here are the episode names:


  • Chapter one: Suzie, Do You Copy?
  • Chapter two: The Mall Rats
  • Chapter three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard
  • Chapter four: The Sauna Test
  • Chapter five: The Source
  • Chapter six: The Birthday
  • Chapter seven: The Bite
  • Chapter eight: The Battle of Starcourt


Through the titles it has also been confirmed that there is going to be 8 episodes/chapters. What do you think will happen? Do you have any theories?


The Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date

@Strangerthingstv made a live video on Instagram at 12 am January 1st 2019. The live video was some clips of a New Years Eve, 1985 in New York where the ball dropped.

The video had a lot of hidden messages, including one that was in Russian. If you translate it to english, it says “Eleven”, which, as we all know, is the name of one of the main characters. Another message said, “When blue and yellow meets in the west.” What do you think it means?

The Poster

After a short while the whole cast, Netflix and @Strangerthingstv likewise posted a picture of the new Season 3 poster. Mike and Eleven are holding hands in the poster. El was wearing a blue shirt and blue pants while Mike was wearing a yellow shirt. It seems like they could be the “yellow and blue” who meets in the west. A lot of people also think that the west could be California. If so, what do you think Mike and El will be doing there?

In the bottom of the poster and the end of the live video is the Stranger Things Season 3 release date. The date is 4th of July. Are you excited?

On the poster Eleven and Will were both looking at us while the others were looking at the fireworks or at each other. What could that mean? There are also two “sides”.  A light side where the sun shines and a darker one.

Max, Lucas and Mike are standing on the light side while Eleven, Will and Dustin are standing in the darker side. If you make the poster lighter you can really see where the dark side is. I think the dark side has something to do with The Upside Down. Could that mean that something will happen to Dustin?

Death Theories

Early in 2018 the Duffer Brothers said that a main character will be killed in the third season, and a lot of people think that it’s Dustin.

There are certainly some points to be made for this. Here are some of them: First of all he isn’t seen on any of the behind the scenes photos. Another reason for the theory is that in season 2 Dustin got something from The Upside Down in his mouth. Isn’t that a bit weird just to show if nothing was going to happen?

Even though there are some reasons why it could be Dustin, I do not think it is. They would never kill off one of the kids. They are all way too important to the show, and too big of the reason why people watch it.

For that reason, I personally think it’s Billy they will kill off. My reason is that he gets into trouble a lot and maybe he did it in the wrong moment. He is certainly also easier to continue the show without, than most other main characters. Because of this, he is my best bet as to who will die. We do, however, not have a lot to base any of our theories on. Who do you think they will kill off? Are you excited for the new season? I can say that I am!


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How much do we already know about Stranger Things Season 3?

The Logo for Stranger Things, which will presumably still be used for Stranger Things Season 3

When is Stranger Things Season 3 released?

We still don’t know the specific release date yet, but Netflix has confirmed that Stranger Things Season 3 will come out in the summer of 2019.  

How many episodes will there be?

It’ll be an eight or nine-episode season” Shawn Levy (Producer on Stranger Things) told GlamourThe number of episodes will be dictated by the amount of story that excites us.”

TV Line later confirmed that it will be eight episodes long.

How much do we know about the plot yet?

“It’s the summer of love”  Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) said in an interview, so we can definitely look forward to seeing a lot more of our lovely couple Mileven (Mike and Eleven).

We also know that it’s going to be set in the summer of 1985.

What happened to the Byers dog?

Now to the question we’ve all been asking: What happened to the Byers dog?

Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) answered that question at Chicago Stranger Con.

I think he died, didn’t he? He did, you can tell i guess. Like in this season there’s a grave for him that you see

So that explains why their sweet dog, whom a lot of fans has missed, disappeared in season 2.

Who will be directing episodes of season 3?

The first two episodes will be directed by the Duffers, and the next two are by Shawn Levy. Then there are two episodes directed by Uta Briesewitz, who has not previously directed an episode of the show. Currently it’s unknown who will direct the last two episodes.

How many seasons will there be?

It’s not fully confirmed yet precisely how many seasons there will be, but The Duffers has confirmed, that there will be at least four seasons, but it’s not unlikely that there will be more.  

We don’t actually know,” Ross Duffer told E!News at the season 2 premiere. “I think, you know, four to five seasons is likely where we’ll end up, but who knows? I mean, none of this is official, and we know where we want to go. We’re still trying to figure out how long it’ll take to get there, so we’ll see.”

We hope you got some answers to your questions about season 3!

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Update of the Week (Week 35 – 2018)

The Byers dog –  is it back!?

The dog that might be the Byers Dog lying on top of some Lucas, Dustin and Mike plushies

Earlier this week “The Stranger Writers” posted this picture on twitter of… The Byers Dog? The caption was: “BREAKING NEWS: Strangerdog Conquers local tweens”. What do you think this means? Is the Byers dog back? Or is it just a funny picture of one of the writer’s dog? Write your thoughts in the comments!

Cast update of the week.

Noah Schnapp on vacation

Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) posted on his Instagram (August 31st 2018) that he’s out swimming in the sea. We then found out that he’s on vacation in Bermuda. He’s probably there with his family. It looks like the cast isn’t filming right now. Do you think they have wrapped up or are they just taking a break? Write your opinion in the comments.

Millie Bobby Brown and Lilia Buckingham

Millie bobby brown (Eleven) was with Lilia buckingham for weeks. Lilia Buckingham is one of Millie’s best friends. Lilia and Millie went out sailing together and it looked really nice and peaceful. We got a lot of beautiful pictures of them together. Lilia went home 2 days ago (August 31st 2018). I think I can say that we all got a bit sad when Lilia left. I hope that they’ll meet again soon. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments.

Sadie Sink on vacation

Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield) posted a story where she’s on a boat. We could see on the location sticker that she’s in Venice, Italy. We think that she’s on a vacation with her family and it looks like a lot of fun. It’s not often that we get content from Sadie, so it was nice to see her, and see that she is happy.

David Harbour

We also got something from David Harbour (Jim Hopper) via Instagram. He posted a picture of himself and his co-worker Joe Keery (Steve Harrington). The post had the caption “#camerashy #drugmovie #videostore “nightshoots #greatestmoviestarofmygeneration” What do you think it means? Are they still filming? Is it only the adults/old teens who are filming?
David also posted a picture with the caption “This is the best prosciutto I’ve ever had. It’s in Venice. Near this bridge. I’m gonna eat it all if you don’t get here soon. Good luck.” He’s in Venice too. He also tagged Joe Keery in the picture. Are they filming there? What do you think? Write your opinion in the comments.

Caleb Mclaughlin “Be your biggest fan”

We got a picture of Caleb Mclaughlin (Lucas Sinclair) with a girl. It is clear that the picture is from Dragon Con and it looks really fun. The girl has a small Lucas Sinclair doll in her hands. Caleb also announced the winners of his giveaway where you could win a t-shirt that said “Be your biggest fan”. That is Caleb’s personal merchandise, that you can buy.

Comic con, Santa Clara

Last monday (August 27th 2018) we found out that Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) and Cara Buono (Karen Wheeler) was on Comic Con in Santa Clara. It looked amusing and they met a lot of fans. There was even a person dressed like the demogorgon and a person dressed like Barb. Their producer and the guy who plays the demogorgon was there too. If you should dress up like someone from Stranger Things who would it be? Tell us in the comments!

Finn Wolfhard interview

Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler) got interviewed on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. He got asked about his opinions about the latest trends. This interview got posted on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’s youtube page. It got posted August 31st 2018. Finn was asked about his opinion on Fan Art, which he claims to love. What do you think of fan art? Write your opinion in the comments.

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