Season 3 Release Date and Episode Names

In the last month we have gotten a lot of great new Stranger Things Season 3 related news. This news includes the Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date, a new teaser video, a poster, and the names of all the episodes. So here comes all the new info we have about the much anticipated third season of our favorite show.

Episode names

December 10th, Netflix and the official profile for Stranger Things -@Strangerthingstv on instagram and twitter, posted a video revealing the names of the each episode of Stranger Things season 3. The fans went wild, and they therefore created a lot of edits within an hour. Here are the episode names:


  • Chapter one: Suzie, Do You Copy?
  • Chapter two: The Mall Rats
  • Chapter three: The Case of the Missing Lifeguard
  • Chapter four: The Sauna Test
  • Chapter five: The Source
  • Chapter six: The Birthday
  • Chapter seven: The Bite
  • Chapter eight: The Battle of Starcourt


Through the titles it has also been confirmed that there is going to be 8 episodes/chapters. What do you think will happen? Do you have any theories?


The Stranger Things Season 3 Release Date

@Strangerthingstv made a live video on Instagram at 12 am January 1st 2019. The live video was some clips of a New Years Eve, 1985 in New York where the ball dropped.

The video had a lot of hidden messages, including one that was in Russian. If you translate it to english, it says “Eleven”, which, as we all know, is the name of one of the main characters. Another message said, “When blue and yellow meets in the west.” What do you think it means?

The Poster

After a short while the whole cast, Netflix and @Strangerthingstv likewise posted a picture of the new Season 3 poster. Mike and Eleven are holding hands in the poster. El was wearing a blue shirt and blue pants while Mike was wearing a yellow shirt. It seems like they could be the “yellow and blue” who meets in the west. A lot of people also think that the west could be California. If so, what do you think Mike and El will be doing there?

In the bottom of the poster and the end of the live video is the Stranger Things Season 3 release date. The date is 4th of July. Are you excited?

On the poster Eleven and Will were both looking at us while the others were looking at the fireworks or at each other. What could that mean? There are also two “sides”.  A light side where the sun shines and a darker one.

Max, Lucas and Mike are standing on the light side while Eleven, Will and Dustin are standing in the darker side. If you make the poster lighter you can really see where the dark side is. I think the dark side has something to do with The Upside Down. Could that mean that something will happen to Dustin?

Death Theories

Early in 2018 the Duffer Brothers said that a main character will be killed in the third season, and a lot of people think that it’s Dustin.

There are certainly some points to be made for this. Here are some of them: First of all he isn’t seen on any of the behind the scenes photos. Another reason for the theory is that in season 2 Dustin got something from The Upside Down in his mouth. Isn’t that a bit weird just to show if nothing was going to happen?

Even though there are some reasons why it could be Dustin, I do not think it is. They would never kill off one of the kids. They are all way too important to the show, and too big of the reason why people watch it.

For that reason, I personally think it’s Billy they will kill off. My reason is that he gets into trouble a lot and maybe he did it in the wrong moment. He is certainly also easier to continue the show without, than most other main characters. Because of this, he is my best bet as to who will die. We do, however, not have a lot to base any of our theories on. Who do you think they will kill off? Are you excited for the new season? I can say that I am!


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