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On the 20th of March the Season 3 trailer came out and it is everything we could have dreamed of. You can watch it right here:

The trailer starts out with showing Dustin turning his Boombox on. He turns to his turtle, Yurtle and says “At least somebody’s happy I’m home.” Suddenly all his toys start moving. Dustin takes a bottle of Farrah Fawcett spray and follow his toys. The trailer then cuts over to Max, Lucas, Will, Mike and El standing with their backs up a wall not saying anything. Eleven is standing with closed eyes and a nosebleed. Mike looks at her and says “Now.” Eleven opens her eyes and the toys stop moving. Dustin takes one of the toys up and looks at it while the kids is going on their tiptoes inside the living room without Dustin noticing. They raise a big banner saying: ‘Welcome home Dustin’ and blow in some party horns. Dustin is startled and sprays Lucas in the eyes with the Farrah Fawcett spray.

What else we see in the Season 3 trailer

That is basically how the trailer starts. It then cuts to the kids putting up some kind of homemade antenna. The trailer is somehow really confusing and simple at the same time. You can’t really explain it but you can understand it real easy. Later in the trailer we see Dustin and Steve making some kind of handshake or something with Robin in the background just looking at them. We also see that El and Max is friends, we got some Mileven content and some Lumax content too. In the trailer Mike says “We’re not kids anymore. I mean, what did you think? We were just gonna sit in my basement all day, play games the rest of our lives?” While Mike says that we see Will all wet and crying while looking at pictures of him, Mike, Dustin and Lucas.

Here are some theories

In the season 3 trailer we see Billy showering while looking at his arm on which there is some sort of scar. It looks like some kind of weird spider web. We see in the trailer that Billy is a lifeguard by the pool. So maybe it’s some sort of disease you get from the water. We also see Steve with a syringe in his neck while he’s screaming. I’ve heard some theories that this is a disease that makes people to some kind of demogorgon thing. In the end of the trailer we see a weird monster that looks like a mutated demogorgon. The theory says that maybe the disease spread by the water. That can be.

In the trailer we also see some rats. I think that maybe it’s the rats who’s spreading the disease.

Another theory is this:

There are rats on the poster, and the second episode of the season is called “Mall Rats.” Coincidence? I think there’s a strong chance of a brewing vermin problem in Hawkins, only it’s not your average vermin. If Dustin and Hopper (the got sprayed in their mouths by the tentacle in the Upside Down) are indeed infected with some kind of strange malady, maybe the rodents are responsible for spreading it to the other citizens of Hawkins. What if this epidemic causes mutations? Could the rats actually turn into Demodogs if they get sick enough?! Nothing’s impossible when it comes to the  Upside Down.

Here is a theory I just came up with. We see in the trailer that El is near the sea. Why is that? My theory is that she’s on vacation near California. I know that she’s in Hawkins too cause well we see that in the trailer, but what else would she do near the sea?

And like I said in the first theory the disease might be transmitted through the water. The reason I and other people think this is because in most of the trailer there is water. We see Billy near the water while he’s lifeguard but also when he’s showering (obviously). Eleven is also near water a lot.

These were the theories I had. If you have any say them in the comments!

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