New Stranger Things trailer pt. 1

New Stranger Things Trailer

The new Stranger Things trailer came out June 20th 2019 at 7.11 pm (in USA). The trailer shows a lot more about what’s going to happen in the season. It also makes sure that we understand. If you haven’t seen the new Stranger Things trailer you can find it on Netflix’s youtube account, IMDB and Netflix (go into stranger things, go to trailers and watch Stranger Things 3 (trailer 2).

What is in the trailer?

The trailer starts out with showing us the Fun Fair tivoli. Then we hear a man talk while we watch small clips from the new season. The man says “You… let us in. And now… you are going to have to let us stay.” While he says the last words we see a lot of clouds pressed together, but they have a big hole in the middle showing us something that looks like a farm with Eleven standing in the middle looking up. “It doesn’t make sense.” Eleven says. “I closed the gate.”

“What if he never left?” we hear from Will, who then looks at Eleven.

The camera then jumps to Will in a cinema. Will takes his hand up to his neck with a scared look on his face. “What if we locked him out here with us? He’ll want to attach himself to someone again.” The shot cuts to Billy. “A new host” Will says at the same moment. The camera then zooms in to Billy’s eyes. His pupils expands and red veins are coming into his eyes. 

We have to stop him

We then see someone in hazmat suits. Eleven is standing on a beach with a big cloud over her head and her arms are in the air. It then clips to Eleven upper body. She looks at her hands with a scared look on her face. “It’s building something.” We then cut to a man we’ve never seen before. He bends over and touches the ground he’s standing on. “No matter what happens…” Mike says as the scene cuts to him. “We have to stop him.” 

Nancy and Jonathan are gathering weapons. Inside the mall Lucas is loading his slingshot. Jonathan, Nancy, Mike and Lucas are standing in a circle with worried looks on their faces. Jonathan is holding an axe in his hands, ready to attack the monster. 

The man then speaks again saying: “Now it’s time.” Someone is inside a big dark room as we see a big monster hand coming out from the dark. 

Eleven is standing in front of Mike, Lucas and Will as the man says “We are going to end you.” The scene jumps to Hopper, Joyce and Murray. “We are going to end your friends,” fireworks are shooting “then..” Holly is then shown holding on to a pipe probably in a carrousel. “…we are going to end…” Darkness. We see the forest from above and something is moving the trees. “…everyone.” 

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