The new Stranger Things trailer pt. 2

Continued breakdown of the second Stranger Things Trailer

This is the second part of our breakdown of the Second Stranger Things Trailer for season 3. If you haven’t read part one, you can find it here

The trailer

The mayor (or whatever he is) makes a gesture towards the park. A carousel full of people is shown. We see two people hold hands (it looks like Joyce and Hopper even though we can’t see their faces). “Our kids are in danger” Joyce yells. 

Max, Eleven and Mike are hiding behind a desk in the mall. Max turns her head looking really scared. 

“We need to end this.” We can hear Joyces voice as we see Joyce reaching out for a panel. 

Eleven is fighting against something. We can only see her arms though because the camera is focusing on Will and Mike in the background. 

We get a close up of Eleven’s face, with blood running down her lips. “I can fight.” She says to Hopper. “Better than any of us.” He answers. “But I need you safe.”

Steve and Dustin are standing some weird place. Steve pulls up a secure tube with some green stuff in it. “What the hell?” Steve says as he pulls the tuber out completely. We again see a man in a hazmat suit besides a big machine. The machine is shooting out white light while it’s turning around. 

Erica and Dustin are sitting beside each other on a hill watching a lot of spaceship looking things flying over Hawkins. Eleven and Mike are sitting in front of each other in a bedroom. “I need you to trust me.” Eleven says to Mike. 

Eleven, Will, Max, Lucas and Mike are running out of the doors of what appears to be the mall. Eleven has a bloody nose and they all look angry, confused and scared. 

Nancy is lying on the floor with the big mutated demogorgon-like monster over her. 

The monster’s arms are coming out of the walls in Eleven and Hopper’s house. Eleven is trying to fight them away while Mike and Max are standing in the background looking at her. 

Inside the mall

Lucas shot something with his slingshot. Max is standing in a room crying. Billy is walking in troubled manner , while his skin is cracking. 

Inside the mall Will is holding his arm up to his neck again. Max is looking to her left, and then up with a scared look on her face. Dustin is standing with Robin and Steve but sees something and says “holy mother of god.” Mike and Eleven are also looking up. All the malls light goes out. In one second there is only darkness. Then Lucas, Nancy, Jonathan and Will are fading in. They are hiding behind a big smashed truck. They are all looking very scared. Max, Mike and Eleven are hiding under a desk. On a table in front of them is a walkie talkie lying. Dustin is speaking through it. “…copy. I repeat. This is a code red!” The monster takes the walkie talkie and smashes it. We then hear the monster roar and the trailer is over. 

This trailer is of course much better when you watch it, but I tried to explain it as best I could. 

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