Update of the week (week 25 – 2019)

Stranger Things updates about things like Gaten and Caleb visiting Korea

This Week’s Stranger Things Updates

Here are some new Stranger Things updates about the upcoming season.

New trailer

June 20th 7.11 pm. (In USA) we got a new Stranger Things trailer. The trailer shows a lot more stuff about what’s going to happen in the show. You can watch the trailer on Netflix (go to Stranger Things, go under trailers and watch Stranger things 3 trailer 2) and on netflix’ youtube account.

Cast update

In this week there have been going a lot on in the Stranger Things cast world. You can read all about it right here.

Gaten and Caleb on an adventure

Gaten and Caleb have both posted some very interesting pictures on their social medias. June 20th Caleb posted a really cool picture of Gaten and him wearing a traditional Hanbok (it’s some clothes they are wearing) and a black hat. They are standing beside three men. Two of them are from EXO who have made the song “Love Shot”. The caption to the picture says “It’s our first time in Korea!” He have then tagged @strangerthingstv @weareone.exo @gatenm123 and @netflixkr .
Gaten have posted two pictures June 21st. The first one is of Caleb and him wearing Hanbok’s at Gyeongbokgung Palace. In the second picture Gaten and Caleb is on a netflix stage. Gaten is standing with a microphone in his hand while his right leg is out in a kick. Caleb is sitting in the background laughing. The caption to the pictures says “Thank you Korea and all the friends we made out here while celebrating the release of season 3” Caleb then posted June 21st four pictures of him and Gaten in Korea. In the caption Caleb says “Kamsahamnida Korea!” which means “Thank you Korea!”

Millie’s Instagram

Millie is always posting on her social media so there isn’t anything new about it. She and the rest of the cast has of course posted small clips from the Stranger Things trailer. But June 20th Millie posted a picture of her and Caleb. The fans got WILD! They all love some Maleb content. (maleb is the ship name of Millie and Caleb). In the caption Millie wrote “Rock n roll”

Finn’s Instagram

Finn has started to post more on his instagram account. June 17th Finn posted a picture of him in some nice clothes. In the caption Finn wrote “Thanks to the team for the look for @mtv movie and TV awards tonight!” June 20th Finn posted a picture of David Harbour (who plays Hopper) in a chair. He’s probably at an interview for season three. In the caption Finn wrote “C’mon, man – just let it go.”
Finn has also posted some clips from the new trailer and he posted a little ‘teaser’ for the new Meet The Adams movie.

Noah Schnapps hand is crushed slowly.

Noah was at the MTV movie and TV awards with Finn Wolfhard and Gaten Matarazzo. He posted some pictures from the red carpet and a picture where he’s shaking hands with The Rock. In the caption he wrote “If you zoom in on my handshake w The Rock u can see my hand being slowly crushed.”
June 20th Noah also posted something a bit different on his Instagram My-story. He said we should swipe up to see his new youtube video. It is called ‘I answered fan questions and it got awkward’. In the video Noah answers a lot of weird questions as “Is Chloe your favorite sibling?” which is a weird question ‘cause Noah only have one sibling. (Chloe is Noah’s twin sister)

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